“NEW” Dive Buddy EVO PRO HD for the Sony HDR-HC1 and HVR-A1 HDV camorders

Affordable HD !! Our new Dive Buddy EVO PRO HD for the Sony HDR-HC1 and HVR-A1 HDV camcorders has arrived! Now everyone can shoot High Definition images and take superior digital stills underwater!! A proven compact, ergonomic and full featured video housing including access to manual WHITE BALANCE *, a key function to gain the true HD image quality. The housing provides electronic controls on two newly designed marine grips and mechanical push buttons to access most of the camcorders key functions. The construction is of Marine grade aluminum and is depth rated for 330ft (100m). * Available only when using HVR-A1 camcorder.

Housing Features

  • Ten Electronic Push Button Controls on Right & Left Hand Grip
  • 5 Mechanical push button controls
  • Record/Standby
  • Variable Speed Telephoto
  • Variable Speed Wide Angle
  • True Manual Focus
  • Mode Change
  • Review
  • OFF
  • Playback Mode: Play, Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause
  • Flashing Green Tally Light when Recording
  • Electronic Moisture Sensor Alarm
  • Mechanical control knob & buttons for: Manual White Balance (HVR-A1 assign button), tele Macro, Expanded Focus and Exposure/Volume adjustments

Right Hand Grip Controls

  • Record/Standby/Photo
  • Wide-Angle/Telephoto with Variable Zoom Speed
  • Mode Change
  • Manual/Auto Focus

Left Hand Grip Controls

  • + Focus, – Focus
  • Review
  • Back Light
  • Playback Navigation

Discovery 10-watt HID Video Light (VLDL0010)

Ultra Compact Video Arc light with adjustable ball joint extension arm, 10 watt HID Metal Halide Bulb and O-ring kit. To be used with 2 NP-F550 or 2 NP-F570 SONY® Batteries. (Batteries and charger not included)

Points of Interest

  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamp compared to a Quartz-Halogen bulb.
  • The output light of an HID lamp has a color temperature of 6000º- 7500º Kelvin which is daylight condition temperature. This is significantly higher and much whiter than that of a typical quartz-halogen light which it’s color temperature is 3000º Kelvin. As a result the HID light is a preferred source for underwater video.
  • Due to the large difference in Color Temperature between the 10-Watt HID Lamp which is 7000º K and a 30-Watt Halogen bulb which is 3000º K, the perceived output and penetration of the 10-Watt HID light is greatly noticeable.
  • Quartz halogen bulbs, which are normally yellow in color, have the tendency of decreasing in brightness as the battery voltage drops. HID light combined with it’s electronic ballast will keep the output light temperature constant even though the batteries voltage drops. The ballast is capable of drawing less current and keeping lamp at it highest brightness.

Light Features

  • Compatible with all Amphibico Housing
  • 15″ adjustable ball joint extension arm
  • 10 watt HID Metal Halide Bulb
  • Upto 2 hours continuous burn time
  • Positive ON/ OFF switch
  • Screw-on rear cover
  • Dual O-Ring Seal
  • Video Glass Reflector (No hot spots)

VHFXZ105 Phenom Housing


The Phenom is an electronic and mechanical combined housing which gives a complete control of your camcorder while filming your underwater scenes. Amphibico’s development team has excelled to a new level by accessing from the housing, all the important features such as White Balance, Gain, Shutter Speed, Iris and manual focus. Most of those who are familiar with Amphibico’s products will know that the housing construction quality and reliability is still the highest you could find in the industry. That is why Amphibico once again, is leading the way of technology and performance with underwater imaging.

Housing Features

  • Designed for professional underwater use
  • 14 Electronic push button controls to access over 25 functions
  • 3 Mechanical push button controls
  • Manual Focus
  • Manual Iris
  • Manual Gain
  • Manual Shutter Speed
  • Power On/Off
  • VCR Mode (Play, Rewind, F-Foward, Stop, Pause)
  • Index Markers
  • Menu Control Panel
  • Sensitive Dual Hydrophones
  • Water sensor alarm
  • Tally light flashes green while filming
  • 2.5X magnified viewfinder w/adjustable dioptric control
  • Bayonet Mounted Lens System
  • Standard 0.68x, 94º Wide Angle lens with full zoom-through capability
  • 3 Auxiliary ports
  • 2 x flip filters capability

Left Hand Grip Controls

  • Manual Focus Wheel
  • Video Lights on/off – for left and right light arms
  • Review
  • Screen Display
  • Index Markers

Right Hand Grip Controls

  • Record/Standby
  • Wide-Angle/Telephoto
  • Variable speed zoom
  • White Balance
  • Manual/Momentary Auto Focus
  • VCR functions
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