Free Diving Exposure Suit

Sleek, clingy, and form-fitting one or two-piece free diving suits are used to shed water quickly and provide warmth in cooler temperature waters. Suits provide ease of movement so that proper kicking techniques can be maintained. Hoods are often worn to create a cleaning and more streamline profile in the water.

Wet suits are made of neoprene and also protect you from scrapes, stings, sun, and chafing from dive gear but they also offer thermal protection. Wet suits trap a slim layer of water between the suit and your skin. Your skin warms the water and the neoprene provides the thermal properties.

Wet suits come in all sizes, designs, and thicknesses. Some suits only cover your torso area, called shorties and others cover your entire body. There are wet suit vests, hoods, and gloves.

Cost: $50 to $350

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