Polespears are easy to use, inexpensive, reliable, and easy to maintain. Most polespears are made from aluminum or fiberglass. Aluminum polespears are made from aluminum tubing and fiberglass polespears are made from a solid piece of fiberglass. Fiberglass models are heavier than aluminum models, but aluminum models fill with water for increased weight and striking power.

Polespears generally come in two styles, single length or breakdown. Single length polespears are solid, one-piece shafts. Breakdown polespears can be broken down into sections for ease of traveling.

Most polespears range from five to seven feet in length. The longer the polespear, the more power it has, but the harder it is to maneuver underwater.

Polespears are generally for fish in the 5 to 25 pound range. The difficulty with a polespear is the lack of range it has. The range is limited by your strength and how long the shaft is. But once they are mastered, they can be very effective and easy to use.

Cost: $40 to $100

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