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DLX1 and DLX2 Dive Light Extension System

DLX (short for Dive Light X-tension) is a simple concept…if you own a Pelican SabreLite LED or Recoil Light, it can be turned into a canister light. The extension system is constructed of delrin and stainless steel and easily adapts to one of these lights. It’s quick and easy to use. The extension system has an optional hand mount to use on the light head and a waist belt mount to attach the battery pack to your BC or harness system.





Goes together easy!

When light is all together!

Why the Pelican Sabrelite LED?

-Narrow, focused beam

-500 foot depth rating

-6 hours burn time on three C-cells

-5500K color temp

-35 lumens (1558 Lux)

-10,000 hour bulb life

-Ultra high shock resistance

-Superb water penetration

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