SeaSigns Fun and Safety Signing DVD and E-book CD

How many times have you missed seeing something or had to surface early because you and your buddy could not understand each other? Whether you need show your buddy something fun or to let your buddy know about a potential or actual problem, SeaSigns™ is an effective and inexpensive tool for communicating underwater.

Signing for Underwater Communication

SeaSignsTM Fun and Safety Signing DVD and E-book CD contain 110 easy to learn and make signs for safety & fun (animal, descriptive, and location signs). They show how to make the signs in addition to showing often-humorous memory aids for help remembering the signs. They also contain sections for practice making and reading signs as well as suggestions for understandable signing. The signs are divided into four easy to learn sets.

Choice & Approval of Signs

SeaSignsTM vocabulary of American Sign Language (ASL) based signs were chosen as being most useful and best expressing the desired meaning underwater. They were also chosen to be easy to learn, make, and read in full gear, and easy to remember. A nationally certified sign language interpreter, who is also a certified diver, approved all SeaSigns. Our materials are approved by PADI, NAUI, SDI, SSI, YMCA, IAHD and recommended by HSA for use in Safety Signing Diver Specialty Course.


The DVD video is good for learning the signs. You see how to make each sign exactly, including hand positions, and speed as well as the direction of the sign. See signs used in communications. Practice reading signs. Review suggestions for more understandable reading of signs. The DVD is playable by most machines worldwide.


The E-book in PDF format you can read it on and print it from your computer (using most operating systems worldwide) and carry the printout anywhere. Use it to remind yourself how to make and read signs you have learned well as to review suggestions for making your signs more readable. In addition learn why specific words, signs, and methods were chosen. Contains an index so you can easily access specific signs.

VHS tape and Flash Cards are also available.


Tank Strap Loose sign:

Nudibranch sign:

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