Band Powered Spearguns

Band powered spearguns are the most used and most popular guns today. Band guns include a muzzle that holds the bands, a barrel, a trigger, a line release mechanism, bands, shaft, and gun butt. The shaft is held in place by the muzzle and trigger mechanism. The bands are mounted on the front of the gun and are used to propel the shaft down the barrel and into the target.

Guns are typically made of wood or aluminum. The trigger parts are made of stainless steel. The muzzle is usually made of aluminum or plastic and holds the bands in place. Some guns do not have muzzles, which make them quicker to reload. Basically, the muzzle is open making it easier to drop the shaft onto the barrel instead of threaded it through the muzzle.

Some guns come equipped with a safety mechanism that locks the trigger, some do not. Whenever a gun is loaded, safety must be observed. Spearguns should not be loaded above water.

There are different sizes of guns. Smaller guns are used for smaller fish and around tight areas. Large guns are used for bigger fish and provide longer range. Some manufacturers allow for interchangeable barrels so that you can switch to any size of gun you need for the type of spearfishing you are doing.

Most spearguns are designed to float when the shaft is removed. The speargun should be neutral or slightly negative when configured so that you can lay it down on the ocean floor when stringing a fish.

Some spearguns have their handle mounted towards the middle of the gun, others the handle is mounted at the end of the gun. Guns with handles mounted in the middle are easier to maneuver underwater and balance a little better, while the guns with the handles mounted on the ends provide more power because the shaft runs the entire length of the gun, which means maximum power from the bands.

The advantages of a speargun over a polespear are that a speargun is typically more accurate, has more range, and has more power. Spearguns are more expensive than polespears and are harder to load and maintain. Because spearguns come in many sizes and setups, it is essential that you know what kind of hunting you plan on doing and where you plan on using the gun. Make sure that you evaluate a speargun for weight, feel, and setup before purchasing one. Look at how it’s made and how it will hold up over the years.

Cost: $150 to $750+

Pneumatic Spearguns

Pneumatic spearguns are spearguns that use compressed air to power an internal piston that propels the spear shaft. When the shaft is loaded, it compresses the piston. When the trigger is pulled, the piston springs forward, propelling the shaft.

Pneumatic spearguns are more complicated because of the way they’re made than standard band spearguns. Pneumatic guns have o-ring seals and oil lubrication for the moving parts. Keeping dirt and debris out of the internal workings of the speargun are essential.

Pneumatic guns are very powerful based on their size as compared to band spearguns. To keep them powerful and working correctly, they must be kept pressurized to the correct pressure. Pumps are supplied to accomplish this. Never over pressure a pneumatic speargun as severe damage or personal injury can occur.

Pneumatic guns have a high power to length ratio and can be more accurate, but they are more expensive than band guns. They also generally have to be sent back to the manufacturer for repairs.

Cost: $150 to $500

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