Dive Rite – LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight Offers Cutting Edge Technology
With the Highest Output and Longest
Burn Time of Any LED Available

LED technology is the future for dive lights and as always, Dive Rite is at the forefront of dive gear technology. Continuing twenty-plus years of innovation, Dive Rite has designed a high-output, long-burning LED 300 Flashlight created especially for divers. This LED is not an “off-the-shelf” adaptation from other industries, but a bright, long-burning flashlight that delivers 300 lumens of illumination and up to 30-hours of burn time on eight AA 1.5V alkaline batteries. No other LED light on the market today delivers this combination of output and burn time. Comparable in brightness to a 10W HID canister light underwater, the unique LED bulbs are durable, resist breakage and they are not sensitive to short striking (rapidly turning the light on and off). The LED 300 Flashlight burns at full capacity for at least 12-hours and then features a slow tapering that dims the light when the battery hits approximately 10 volts. This means divers are never left in the dark, since the LED 300 Flashlight will not instantly go out when battery power is drained. At 6,500 degrees Kelvin, the color temperature of a LED bulb is white compared to the blue of an HID bulb or yellow of a Halogen bulb. Twist-on activation with a no-slip, knurled grip handle makes the LED 300 Flashlight easy to operate even with gloves on. Pre-drilled holes allow for hand mount (sold separately), if desired. Operational to a depth of 1,000 feet with a double o-ring seal and a bezel design that prevents inadvertent activation due to pressure at depth. The LED 300 Flashlight includes a nylon mesh pocket with Velcro® closure that is easily mountable on any 2-inch webbing waist strap. The light also comes with a lanyard. At 8-inches long and 1.8-inches in diameter, the LED 300 Flashlight is perfect for travel. Batteries are not included.


  • High output LED delivers 300 lumens of illumination
  • LED array has a 10,000 hour life and does not require warm up and is not sensitive to short striking
  • Color temperature of 6,500 degrees Kelvin
  • Burn time is approximately 12-hours at full capacity and up to 30-hours with tapering output
  • Uses 1.5V AA  high quality batteries
  • Nylon mesh pocket drains easily and is abrasion and tear resistant. Nylon stiffener keeps pocket form for ease of replacing light.
  • 8-inches long x 1.8-inches diameter
  • 0.7 lbs (0.32 kgs)

Part#: LT6078-300
MSRP: $360

Contact your local Dive Rite dealer or go to www.diverite.com for more information.

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