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ES145 Mask

The ES145 is a revolutionary new mask design that increases your underwater field of vision by up to 28% over conventional masks. A large, dual teardrop-shaped lens dramatically increases your peripheral and vertical vision. The patented ES145 mask incorporates a low internal volume, achieved by its award winning frameless design, with the benefits of a double edged silicone skirt face seal. The mask is held securely in place with a pure silicone strap and ergonomically designed bullet-proof buckles. The ES145 is available in black for increased optical clarity.


From comfortably cruising shallow reefs to penetrating deep wrecks and caves the TransPac is the original, made in the USA, BC harness that can be readily switched from single tanks to doubles, or even used with side-mounted tanks. Standard features include shoulder, waist and back plate D-rings, stainless waist belt buckle, dual shoulder releases and our exclusive dual cast stainless tank cam strap buckles. Combine the TransPac with one of our many aircells and you have a BC system that is built exactly the way you want it. The TransWeight system and other accessories can be easily mounted on the 2-inch waist belt. Optional crotch straps can increase the stability of the harness. All harnesses, aircells, and BC’s come with the Dive Rite Lifetime Warranty. Available in sizes extra small through extra-extra large in black, red or blue.

RG2500 Regulator

The RG2500 regulator far surpasses the Navy Class A rating-even at half the required supply PSIG! The balanced diaphragm first stage delivers more gas than a diver can ask for. Dive Rite regulators have proven themselves from Great Lakes wrecks to Florida caves to the frigid waters of Antarctica. All Dive Rite products are nitrox ready. Dive Rite Regulators feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty and two year service program.

NiTek Duo Dive Computer

The NiTek Duo dive computer incorporates a number of advanced features in a surprisingly small package. Divers can program their NiTek Duo to dive two different gas mixtures with an FO2 of the bottom mix (mix 1) from 21% to 50% and 21% to 99% for the deco mix (mix 2). The NiTek Duo has a backlit display on demand with easy-to-read numbers.

H10 Compact HID Light

The H10 Compact HID light head is great for exploration, night diving, and underwater video or photography (with the optional Lumedyne reflector). The H10 Compact features a focusable reflector, 10-watt HID bulb, an ultra-small ballast assembly, and an elastic hand mount, which is permanently attached to the reflector assembly.

The Slimline Light Canister is formed from a single piece of extruded poly-vinyl chloride pipe (PVC). The PVC material and round design make it extremely strong under extreme pressure. The canister is extremely small in diameter and ideal for a low profile dive system. The canister lid contains the power cable that connects the light head to the batteries, an on/off power switch with protector, an o-ring seal, which keeps water from entering the canister, and compression style locking latches, which prevents accidental opening of the latches. The canister webbing loop is used to mount the canister to a BC or harness.

The battery provides up to four hours of burn time (10-watt) or two hours (21-watt), is maintenance free, and does not develop a memory.

The LT6026 charger connects to any standard power outlet and is responsible for charging the battery. It connects directly to the wiring harness plug on the battery pack and then plugs into any standard wall outlet.

ES300, ES301, and ES302 Fins

Dive Rite fins offer divers high performance without a high price tag. Smart design means flexibility for divers with any kick style in any situation whether your in the open ocean, virgin wreck, or the most narrow cave. The straight-forward design enables you to use these fins for any kind of kick, including frog kicks and modified flutter. They are injection molded from high-quality monoprene, enabling you to get the best performance from the least effort.

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