Collection bag


If you plan on hunting lobster, fish, or plan on collecting artifacts in areas that allow that, a collection bag is important. Collection bags come in all sizes and shapes and are usually made of a nylon mesh material. They roll up easily and depending on their size can be stowed easily in a pocket. Larger collection bags can be rolled up and clipped to a D-ring on your BC’s waist belt.

Cost: $10 to $50



Dive compasses are usually needle direct compasses. The compass has a magnetic needle that points north and a bezel that can be rotated around the needle. The bezel is marked from 0 to 360 degrees in a clockwise direction. Compasses also have a lubber line, which is a line on the face of the compass that is used to make sure that the compass is pointed in the same direction that you are going.

Compasses come in all sizes, but the smaller compasses are usually very difficult to use underwater. A larger, high-quality compass is easy to see and works well underwater. Some compasses have a window on the side that allows you to read the heading you are going and a leveling bubble within the liquid-filled casing that helps you make sure the compass is level.

Compasses are used in two basic ways: to determine the direction you are going and to follow a predetermined heading toward a certain destination.

Cost: $30 to $100

Dive flag


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