Diver propulsion vehicles (DPV) are underwater transportation systems for recreational and technical divers. DPVs have emerged from mostly military and commercial use to use in recreational environments for fun, for exploration to previously unexplored areas, and for scientific purposes. Over the past 15 years, DPVs have increased dramatically within the recreational and technical diving communities. DPVs are also called scooters in the diving industry.

There are two types of DPVs: ride on and ride behind. Ride on DPVs are equipped with an integral saddle that you physically sit on and ride. Ride behind DPVs are designed to tow you by the arm and a tow strap that is clipped to your BC or harness.

DPVs can increase the area you can cover on a particular dive, allow you to explore further than if you were just swimming, and are just a lot of fun to use. However, there things you need to know and understand before heading off on a DPV. You can get yourself into trouble if you don’t know proper techniques, buoyancy, gear configurations, battery burn times, and planning your gas requirements. Proper education, training, and practice are essential for properly and safely using a DPV.

Cost: $800 to $4000+

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