Fins move you through the water whether on the surface or 60 feet deep. Designs to fins are constantly changing, but the most important thing to look for is fit and functionality. You want your fins to fit well and feel comfortable. You also want the proper fin for diving. There are many fins on the market today that are more designed for snorkeling and just don’t have the power to move you adequately through the water. The new split fin design may look neat and may be good if you have week ankles, but they just aren’t the best choice for the active diver.

There are two types of fins, pocket fins and full-foot fins. With pocket fins, only about two thirds of your foot goes into the fin and a strap goes around your heel. Most divers who use pocket fins wear booties, which help with a secure fit and prevent chafing. With full-foot fins, your entire foot goes into the pocket, just like a shoe.

Generally, active divers use the pocket fins with booties. They usually offer the better design for diving and offer enough power to move you through the water with a full set of gear on.

Whichever style of fins you choose, make sure they fit well and are comfortable.

Cost: $50 to $250

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