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Welcome to the Diving Gear Guide! Your reference for all things SCUBA. This site is a resource for Gear, Travel, Tips and Inside Diver Know-How. The Diving Gear Guide is run by true SCUBA enthusiasts. We love Diving. 

The Guide was originally built as a reference for diving gear and equipment. If you have been following the Guide since it went live in 2009, you will have noticed that it has expanded to cover more of the diving world.

Looking for a great place to dive? Researching equipment? That’s what the Diving Gear Guide is all about. We will continue our focus on equipment. Having the right SCUBA gear can make the difference between a great dive experience or one you would prefer to forget. If you are a recently certified diver, you may be using rental gear and trying to decide if you want to purchase your own. You may be a seasoned diver looking to upgrade. The Gear Guide is here as your reference. Check out the DIVE LOCKER for the latest deals on the best equipment.

Understanding what you want out of your dive experience and the gear that makes it possible is important. Becoming a SCUBA diver requires a commitment in time and resources. Getting it right matters, whether it is selecting that perfect dive site or that perfect regulator.

There has never been a better selection of dive gear available on the new and used markets. If you decide to go with used equipment, be sure to have it checked out by your local dive shop or a qualified Dive Master.

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Safe diving!


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