Diver Resources

The Diver’s Resource page provides tools and links to resources to help you plan and execute your next dive. 

The five links every diver should bookmark:

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Bookmark this page. Every diver should make use of NOAAs resources. NOAA is a excellent source for Dive specific information and weather reports to include tide and sea conditions. NOAA has also produced some great dive publications over the years. 

Hyperbaric Link:  Going deep on your next dive? This link will take you to a Hyperbaric Chamber locator, complete with Google Earth maps. A great resource to use when generating your next dive plan. 

Divers Alert Network (DAN): If you are not a member of DAN, you need to be. Having Dive Accident insurance is a good idea. Browse through their site before your next dive trip. Write their emergency number on all your C-Cards: DAN Emergency Hotline: +1-919-684-9111

US NAVY Diving Publications:  This link will take you directly to the US Navy’s Official Dive Publications and Technical Documentation site. For any dive geek looking for the Navy’s latest. You will find the current NAVY Dive manual with current updates here.  

SCUBA EARTH:  What more needs to be said? Dive Buddy knocked it out of the park with this tool. By far the best on the web. DB’s calculators are great as well. Be sure to check them out.


Simple Planning Table: Dive Plan Table

Pre and Post Dive Checklist: pre_post_checklist

Ascent to Altitude Table: AscentToAltitudeTable

US Navy – Decompression Tables











Additional Diver Resources:

Divers Alert Network (DAN)

Undersea and Hyperbolic
Medical Socie

Global Underwater Explorers

Project AWARE


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