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1.THE NAVY Dive Manual: This is the authoritive refrence for diving. Keep in mind that the tolernaces found within this manual are for Military Divers and differ from recreational dive Standards.

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The U.S. Navy is a leader in the development of modern diving and underwater operations. The general requirements of national defense and the specific requirements of underwater reconnaissance, demolition, ordnance disposal, construction, ship maintenance, search, rescue and salvage operations repeatedly give impetus to training and development. Navy diving is no longer limited to tactical combat operations, wartime salvage, and submarine sinkings. Fleet diving has become increasingly important and diversified since World War II. A major part of the diving mission is inspecting and repairing naval vessels to minimize downtime and the need for dry-docking. Other aspects of fleet diving include recovering practice and research torpedoes, installing and repairing underwater electronic arrays, underwater construction, and locating and recovering downed aircraft.

2. NAVY-diving-Physical

Ever wonder if could meet the standard to be a NAVY Diver? there is a link to the NAVY Dive school in the introduction. The School will have the latest revisons to the Navy physical manual.

3. DCIEM Diving Manual:

Air Decompression and Procedures Manual. Department of Defence Canada.

4. Diving Safe Practices Manual:

US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation. Diving Safe Pratctices and Inspection manual MAY 2006.

This manual is intended to provide details of procedures and requirements necessary to safely and efficiently conduct Reclamation diving operations. Theprocedures and requirements presented in this manual have been established to comply with applicable government regulations and standard professional diving practices and related support operations.

5. noaadivingmanual00unit

The DIVE Manual for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


National Speleological Society, 1988 Cavern Diving Manual. Injtroduction to the basics of Cavern Diving.

7.Standards For Commercial and Underwater Operations

ASSOCIATION OF DIVING CONTRACTORS INTERNATIONAL. 2004. These consensus standards represent the collective operating philosophy of several hundred ADCI member companies and have been carefully developed to present the Minimum Standards necessary for the conduct of a basic commercial diving operation conducted either Offshore or Inland. As in any activity for which Minimum Standards have been developed there can be no substitute for careful Planning and Assessment of the job to be conducted and the conditions likely to be encountered.

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